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Viernes Video: Mexican actor Gael Garcia Bernal delves into U.S. immigration issue in search of “Dayani Cristal”

Viernes Video: Mexican actor Gael Garcia Bernal delves into U.S. immigration issue in search of “Dayani Cristal”

LatinaLista — Perhaps the most chilling consequence of illegal entrance into the country is the deaths of so many migrants in the deserts, mountains and rivers that act as a natural barricade to reaching the United States. Stories have been told for years of corpses, sometimes only bones, of aspirational migrants being found in these


Puerto Rico’s San José Church first-ever site from the island recognized on annual list of endangered historic places

LatinaLista — For the first time, the National Trust for Historic Preservation recognized a site in Puerto Rico for inclusion in their annual list of endangered historic places. San José Church in Old San Juan, Puerto Rico was included in this year’s round-up of America’s 11 Most Endangered Historic Places. Built in 1532, it is


The Conveniently ‘Forgotten War’ between Mexico and the United States

By Miguel Pérez Hidden Hispanic Heritage If you missed CBS’s “Sunday Morning” program last week, you missed a report that should be required viewing for all Americans. And if you are one of those Americans who still question why Latinos in the Southwest are offended when they are treated like foreigners, someone needs to sit

Did you know that Christopher Columbus is buried in two places?

By Miguel Pérez Hidden Hispanic Heritage To most Spaniards, Christopher Columbus rests where he belongs: in the Gothic Cathedral of Santa Maria, in Seville, Spain, the city from where he set sail for the New World in 1492. But to most Dominicans, Columbus rests where he wanted to be buried: in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic,

Cinco de Mayo. Not Cinco de Drinko —Ongoing war between cultural identity vesus American marketing.

By Frank X. Moraga AmigosNAZ A cultural battle is being waged on the streets of America and those fighting it must at times feel like the Mexican patriots on May 5, 1862 — shivering during a cold morning in their white peasant shirts and pantalones, straw sombreros and huarache Mexican sandals, carrying rusty and antiquated

The tale of two African American entrepreneurs fighting for online Latino readers

LatinaLista — The potential influence and buying power of the Latino consumer is increasingly being appreciated by businesses of all sizes. In fact, it’s already gotten to the point where Latinos should feel pretty special because some are already fighting over our growing market. In February of this year, we reported on the launch of