November 12, 2019

Today is ‘D Day’ for thousands of undocumented young people who were raised believing they were ‘American,’ though what that term really means these days is elusive. For instance, the AP reports that the US, once a defender of women and children, held a record number of migrant children in custody in 2019. Trump admin track record when it comes to migrant children is not positive. Here’s praying the Supreme Court can take the first step to right the wrongs of this administration; We have become a country where we imprison those who help the unfortunate and undocumented. One particular group of helpers is awaiting their verdict; and Why did the US Embassy in El Salvador send a tweet that panicked Central America? Go beyond the headlines…

DACA finally lands in Supreme Court after Trump’s years-long battle

US held record number of migrant kids in custody in 2019

Microsoft pushes for DACA legislation

FBI Joins Investigation Into Killing Of 9 Members Of Mormon Family In Mexico

They Tried to Save the Lives of Immigrants Fleeing Danger. Now They’re Facing Prosecution

Sen. Tammy Duckworth spends Veteran’s Day in Mexico to be with veterans deported by Trump administration

Here Are 6 Surprising Facts About The Human Skeleton You Probably Don’t Know

Not sure what to watch tonight? A new app wants to help.

Bolivia’s Morales Accepts Asylum in Mexico after Resignation

U.S. Embassy tweet of supposed tsunami causes alarm in El Salvador, Central America

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