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Colombians of small town treated to “miracle” deluge of fish in local river

LatinaLista — For the people in the Colombian village of Bolombolo, the sight of so much fish last weekend seemed like a miracle from God. At a time when a good catch is hard to come by and the cost of a pound of fish is 6,000 pesos in the town’s major restaurants, the sight of fish, literally stacked along the shore of the local Cauca River, was reason to celebrate and stock up.

From catfish to bocachicos, the local townspeople never saw so much fish for the taking, and they didn’t even need their fishing rods. Bare hands, bags and cans were much more efficient in collecting the overflow of fish.

The Jimenez brothers, well-known fishermen of the area, managed to collect almost 400 pounds of fish. “Not in half a year do we ever catch this much fish, because fishing isn’t that good. Now we’ll be able to sell what we can for a good price and give the rest of it away,” said Fernando Jimenez.

Locals attribute an avalanche happening upstream in the Andes causing the fish to look for the shore, suffocating themselves in the mud and being easy pickings for families in Bolombolo. Reports say that some families in the area had about 70 pounds of fish stored in their refrigerators.

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