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24 hours before the U.S. officially becomes a majority “Multicultural Nation”

LatinaLista — The popular saying, “We are a nation of immigrants” might need to be rephrased come Friday, August 22 at 7:56 EST. At that precise time, the nation will officially reach a tipping point and become a majority Multicultural Nation. Though the U.S. Census projected the country wouldn’t reach this important milestone until 2043,

Community Stories


Fred Ross. The man who found Cesar Chavez

By Gabriel Thompson La Voz de Austin On June 9, 1952, Fred Ross knocked on the door of a modest house on San Jose’s eastside. The house belonged to Cesar Chavez, then an anonymous 25-year-old struggling to support his family through part-time work at a lumberyard. Ross launched into his pitch, talking about how Mexican



Aid Scarce for Immigrant Children in South Texas

By Jacob Fiscler Juvenile Justice Information Exchange MISSION, Texas — A group of Honduran immigrants who had crossed into the United States illegally frantically waved down a deputy constable’s Chevy Tahoe as it approached them on a dirt road a couple hundred yards from the Rio Grande about 10 p.m. one Wednesday in early August.

Life Issues


VIDEO: With climate change worsening, hope is but a tree away

LatinaLista — Climate change is getting worse. The stats prove it. A recent report by the American Meteorological Society found that greenhouse gases, sea levels and global temperatures — key indicators of climate change — rose in 2013. It’s a trend that scientists don’t foresee “cooling down.” The rise in these key stats means that

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Hitting the Ground Running: The story of Clemente Rodriguez

By Virginia Brooks LatinaLista It’s before dawn and Clemente Rodriguez hits the ground running. He pulls on his work clothes and heads out to meet his power line crew somewhere in East Texas to start a 10-hour day of demanding and sometimes dangerous work. Clemente is a lineman, and he spends much of his days


Intrn’l Video: Rural Colombian town fights Canadian gold mining company for survival

LatinaLista — Indigenous and rural people throughout the Americas have long been under constant threat of attack against their way of life since the days of the Spanish conquistadores. What used to be outright murder and enslavement has evolved into displacing them or endangering their health when seizing their lands for drilling, mining or deforestation.


Video: Dark money already casting a pall over mid-term elections

LatinaLista — In 2010, the Supreme Court ruled in favor of Citizens United in Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission which said “that the First Amendment prohibits the government from restricting political independent expenditures by corporations, associations, or labor unions.” Since that ruling, more money to influence politicians and political election outcomes as been spent


Latina inventor puts a new ‘edge’ to the traditional favorite empanada

By Juan Miret LatinaLista Who would have thought that the delicious Latin American – okay, and Spanish too! – turnovers, better known as empanadas, filled with meat, seafood, vegetables, cheeses and a never-ending list of ingredientes could be reinvented? And I am not talking about changing the frying or baking of this popular Latino street


Argentina chasing first Cup title in 28 years

By Eduardo Szklarz BUENOS AIRES, Argentina – Germany’s historic rout against Brazil in the first World Cup semifinal match on July 8 leaves Argentina as the only country representing the Americas that still has a shot at winning the title on regional soil. The Argentines, who are thirsting for their first World Cup championship

Global Views


Drought further devastates impoverished Guatemalan farmers

By Anna-Claire Bevan LatinaLista Rain is gradually returning to Guatemala after more than a month-long drought in the middle of rainy season brought tragedy to some of the poorest regions of the country. But many agricultural workers say it’s too late to save their harvests. “We usually cultivate maize and beans but this year we’ve



Crowdfunding Campaign: Cuban Salsa Inside & Out

LatinaLista — Campaign: Cuban Salsa Inside & Out In the nearly twenty years that have lapsed since the towering success of Wim Wender’s documentary and album BUENA VISTA SOCIAL CLUB, foreigners enamored by the rhythms of the tiny island nation have been throwing off the drudgery of their nine-to-fives to learn Casino, Cuban-style salsa dancing.



Video: Nicolas’ Dicho – Just when we think we are so tough

LatinaLista — About a year ago, Loida Casare’s elderly father, Nicolas, came to live with her and life as daughter/caregiver has created a whole new set of experiences for Loida, who shares her adventures on her blog. However, one thing Loida shares with us all is her special moments with her father when she videotapes

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Guest Voz: There’s a reason why I left Puerto Rico

By Enid Reyes Latina Lista This month, Pew Research released findings showing that more Puerto Ricans since the end of WWII are opting to leave the island and make their homes on the U.S. mainland. Plagued by corruption, rampant crime, and a crippled economy but blessed with beautiful scenery, a vibrant culture and a place