November 13, 2019

There’s a growing fear that robots and AI will take jobs & pose other kinds of threats to society. Yet, when a ruling body making a life-changing decision through a narrow lens void of compassion then we don’t have to worry about robots. We have something far more nightmarish – intentional human cruelty. Initial reports from yesterday’s Supreme Court hearing on DACA reveal that the justices are leaning towards giving Trump, perhaps, his first win. The 6 conservative justices leaning against DACA would make any robot proud; However, one person could be the unlikely savior of DREAMERs, if he would just sign DACA legislation. Hint: It’s not Trump; The FBI released a new report that shows a disturbing trend in hate crimes; and the US Bishops just conducted a historic election. See who they voted to lead them. Go beyond the headlines to get the full story…

Victims of anti-Latino hate crimes soar in U.S.: FBI report

House and Senate Dems implore McConnell to sign DACA legislation to protect ‘Dreamers’

Supreme Court May Side With Trump On ‘DREAMers’

Border wall opponents in court trying to stop construction

Emails show White House advisor Stephen Miller promoting white nationalism to Breitbart

In historic move, L.A. archbishop Gomez becomes first Latino to lead U.S. bishops

Antidepressants polluting the water can change fish behavior

New app gives stock advice based on horoscope sign

Unrest in Bolivia prompts U.S. to order family of government employees to leave

Karime López is first female Mexican chef to win Michelin star

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