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Video: Edward James Olmos’ latest film forces conversation about friendship, loyalty and the U.S.-Mexican border

Video: Edward James Olmos’ latest film forces conversation about friendship, loyalty and the U.S.-Mexican border

LatinaLista — John Sayles, known in film circles as one of the godfathers of independent film in the United States, is known for wearing his politics, in this case, writing his politics into his screenplays. The result has been that critics either love it or hate it. Sayles’ latest film Go For Sisters is almost


Video: Latino artist creates a “written painting for and about the nature of language”

LatinaLista — How does one paint language? It was a challenge that abstract artist José Parlá gladly accepted when he was commissioned to create a mural for the James B. Hunt Library in Raleigh, North Carolina. The library, at North Carolina State University, is known for integrating the library’s architecture with technology and so a


Video: Archived film takes viewers on road trip through South America via Pan American Highway — in 1945

LatinaLista — It’s been over 70 years since the 1940s. A decade dominated by World War II, the Holocaust, Hitler. It was a decade when the continent Antarctica was discovered, television stations were built bringing a new type of entertainment into people’s homes and it was a decade that saw the very beginnings of a


Video: 2010 documentary tracing Hollywood’s treatment of Native Americans available online

LatinaLista — Hollywood movies are known for romanticizing, distorting, embellishing, and even inventing, when it comes to portraying communities of color. There’s no greater example than how Hollywood has portrayed the Native American. From the admirable to the pathetic – think Johnny Depp as Tonto — the Native American has been at the mercy of


Video: New documentary highlighting good in public schools screens during American Education Week

LatinaLista — Public schools and public school educators have been under attack a lot in the last few years. Politicians, “education reformists” and even some parents and media have indulged in playing the blame game — blaming public schools for children not learning, for “bad” teachers, for zero tolerance policies, for sending too many children